Raine believes we all use our intuition without even realizing it. How many times have you thought of a friend only to see them a few days later. How many times when your telephone began ringing did you know who was calling?
Whilst Raine can only authorize weddings in New Zealand, Raine travels extensively and could possibly be in your area if you would like Raine​ to celebrate other ceremonies with you!
Raine is an award-winning author. 2016 the third book in the RAINEDROPS SERIES was released by Balboa Press. All Raine's books carry a strong message of LOVE and helps you develop your understanding of the "other side" and gives you a sense of your spiritual side.


Raine  has a sincere personality, and when you speak to her - you know you have her undivided attention. Her writing will touch your heart in places you never dreamed of. Her readings can be very emotional as Spirit imparts information that is important for you . . . .

Raine holds a METAPHYSICAL DOCTORATE which allows her to function as a METAPHYSICAL MINISTER or as a CELEBRANT.

As a CLINICAL H YPNOTHERAPIST Raine  offers her experience to help you remember the reason why you came here in this LIFE CYCLE . Learning a bout your past lives helps you to understand a great deal about the decisions you make today and how they influence your life. Learn who you have shared your life with in other lives and find out who is still with you today.

​​Raine ​is an honored lifetime member of Covington Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry, recognizing ​Raine's ​commitment to excellence as a Spiritual Medium, Speaker and Writer.