Raine has a sincere personality, and when you speak to her - you know you have her undivided attention. Her writing will touch your heart in places you never dreamed of. Her readings can be very emotional as Spirit imparts information that is important for you. . . . .

Raine holds a Metaphysical Doctorate Degree which allows her to function as a Metaphysical Minister. This gives Raine the freedom to officiate in whatever  capacity you wish, either as a Minister or as a Celebrant.

The task of planning a wedding is a little like marriage itself - a process of discovery, an opportunity to grow in your love. Use this process with Raine as an occasion to deepen your relationship, to work through whatever conflicts may arise, to appreciate each other for the various talents you each bring to the project.

Several years of experience has taught Raine that each couple ready to express their vows are unique. If you wish to plan a celebration that will stand forever as precious memories that will carry the unique and beautiful meanings that you want to express and to hold, contact Raine!

To have the experience of creating something that is a reflection of your union, Raine is available for consultations and assistance to create a celebration that reflects the unique personality of each individual.

Whilst Raine can only authorise weddings in New Zealand, Raine travels extensively and could possibly be in your area if you are would like Raine to celebrate other ceremonies with you! It is easy to find out the places Raine travels to simply go to her travel website and you will know where she is at www cruising with
As a clinical hypnotherapist Raine offers her experience to help you remember the reason why you came here in this life cycle. Learning about your past lives helps you to understand a great deal about the decisions you make today and how they influence your life. Learn who you have shared your life with in other lives, and find out who is still with you today!

is an award winning author. She has just finished her second book , which is a wonderful adventure into the spiritual side of life and death. Raine's first book has been reprinted as a SECOND EDITION, updated and in paper back.

"Rainedrops From Heaven" is also available in paperback - both books were released to the public in January 2014 in an exciting double book release!

Because of Raine's success during her business career
and as an author, Covington Who's Who selects Raine as an honored lifetime member of the Covington Who's Who Executive and Professional Registry. The selection recognizes Raine's commitment to excellence as Spiritual Medium, Speaking and Writing.

thanks Covington Who's Who for their recognition
of her work and dedication to

Raine's email:  raine @ rainedrops .com 

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