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Raine demonstrates her spiritual growth and her acknowledgement of psychic gifts despite her initial self denial. Raine encourages the reader to open their minds to inter-dimensional learning and offers the readers self empowerment.


SOFT COVER ISBN 9781504351683 $11.99
EBOOK          ISBN 9781504351690     $  3.99

8.5" X 5.5"


"And Rainedrops Fall Down My Cheeks" is an extraordinary account of the experiences of a woman with the second sight . Her story reveals a world invisible to the rest of us, which I have yet to see documented with such openness and honesty.

Her sincerity toward her reader as she describes her growing understanding of her gift through trials, tribulations, insights and revelations shines through, as does the transcendental love that she radiates to those around her, and through her book .

H er experiences, and those of people like her, deserve serious consideration, since they are part of the of the reality in which we all live. No world view that excludes them can be considered complete.
   -   Ila France Porcher, Author of the "Shark Sessions"

Congratulations  Raine  ​on a most interesting and well written book. The presentation is excellent , the content got my attention and left me wantinng more. The author's experiences were written so clearly that the reader can easiy distingush these happenings as very real and not part of the author's imagination.

I would go so far as to state that even the skeptc would be abe to read this book and be supportive of the author.

  Raine  I believe you were inspired as you wrote this book and received spiritual guidance helping you to choose amongst your many exxperiences, which ones to share with your readers. I look forward to reading your next book.
   -  Mary Kares, New Zealand

This was an interesting and thoughtul read. Spiritually and religious beiefs intertwined in a heartwarming journe y into the heart and mind of a woman of faith. This was different from the books I normally read, and I'm pleased I was given the opportunity to read   ​Raine's ​ story.
   -   Amazon Cuatomer

Very easy to read with short chapters. The author shares titbits/stories about her life as a medium and the experiences she had accepting her gift(s) and allowing them to touch others lives and hers. Well written, insightful and enlightening.

I was so touched by her powerful book on her trip to India , that I recommend reading that as well, but in order that she has written her three books. Thanks for your honesty aand sharing your gift with us.
   -   Still Growing

'I am neither a medium, spiritualist, or anything of the like. I'd go so far as to call myself a skeptic , having never experienced or known anyone with direct experience of any of the phenominal you apparently encounter on a daily basis. That said, I found your book both enlightening and inspiring and I'm sure other people wlil too."
   -   Editor

The amazing front cover of this wonderful book had drawn me in to reading a exciting story of a life of a very gifted person.Her journey through life took her down many paths sometimes with happiness and sometimes with sadness but to over come so many trials in her life has lead me to believe that if you long for a deeper level or desire to know and learn more about your inner self, then you should read this book. Yes it will change you. Congratulations on a great book
   - Elsie, New Zealand

This book gives a glimpse into the life of a psychic with stories that warm your heart and feed your sou l. Raine maps her spiritual path while showing the unavoidable adversity and tragedies of being human. I look forward to her next book!
- Cindy, USA

I thought the book was very good. It had a great insight to Raine's abilities i.e. how she connects to the animals, talks to the animals. I think that is so coo l. I think it's great that Raine had such an early start in her life to be able to "see" people from the other side. Once you have read it, it's really important to go back and read it again because you absorb more the second time around. It had it's spooky moments! A definite "must" read !
    - Elilzabeth, Australia

I can relate to the story; I think it is so important to open your awareness to inter-dimensional energie s. I think, the author must have made a difference to many through this book.
- Taran Dhillon author of "Nectar of the Grateful Victim"

Raine is quite an incredible woman. Imagine being on speaking terms with your guardian ange l. Imagine being able to see dead people and give comfort to the rest of us who don't have these gifts. I've read a lot of books about mediums who can communicate with the dead , but this is the first book where I was able to read the story of a very human woman who has become a medium.

Hearing her life story and the influences in her life that made her the remarkable woman she is today was so amazing.

Raine's dreams were like being allowed a view into a greater world than the one we live in . That fact that she can keep her feet on the ground while communing with the spirit world says a lot about who she is.

Raine might just be one of the most interesting people I've ever had the pleasure of reading about . I hope she keeps up her sacred work and that she writes more books. In these dark times, it's reassuring to know we have people like Raine keeping the light going for us all.
- Robin Landry author of "When I Dream"

This hard covered book was an easy read good size to handle. Chapter by chapter it was hard to put down so I was excited to find out what else did Raine (the author's) discover on her journeys.

I will re-read it again but instead of running through each chapter sit and embrace each journey/experience this time. I do think this book should have come with a purse pack of tissues as rainedrops also fell down my cheeks. Not because of the authors sadness but a joyous warmth of her experiences. 
- D. Neaves, New Zealand

What an absolutely lovely book. It is very heartwarming a joy to read. Raine's message is self-empowermen t and spiritual development . I also have felt these spirits very strongly. They are trying to tell me something and to warn me. I ignored them once but never again. Their warning was the imminent death of a dearly loved one.

I think most readers will identify with this charming and beautiful book. I especially liked her experiences with her animals because I think most of us have loved a pet . Raine says that we